Two steps forward and one step back; take advantage of the one step back.

I attended a firefighting conference this past weekend. During a portion of the keynote presentation, the speaker discussed values. He related values to a compass noting how our values direct the path in our lives and jobs just as a compass directs our physical path across terrain. As captivating as his lecture truly was, for […]

Authenticity of Redeeming Failure

I didn’t just pick a negative stereotype of parenting and try to revert it. I have a story that some people relate to and others that want to inquire about. So I created this platform. I’m not a family counselor, I have no education in therapy, I don’t consider myself a mentor; I’m really not […]

Divorce and Parenting: When my kids hold me accountable.

There are a lot of everyday experiences in my children’s life that I don’t get to regularly participate. Little landmarks that I don’t get to witness. Often when dealing with the sadness of this reality, I mentally lecture myself that this is all byproduct of divorce. Consequence of failed marriage when children are involved. More […]

Time steals our identity, not our kids.

Every life comes with a death sentence. From the second we enter the world the clock ticks until we depart. During that precious little time, many things develop; passions, potential, purpose. These factors are influenced by our environment and those around us. Mostly, our parents are the biggest investors in personal development. I understand that […]

Do not stand in silence

Everyday our culture leads us to believe we aren’t good enough. We’re told by consumer advertising, news media, social media, marketing strategies that we aren’t pretty or handsome enough, that we’re not smart enough, and ultimately, that were not worth enough. The world around us would love for us to believe that we can’t find […]