Do not stand in silence

Everyday our culture leads us to believe we aren’t good enough. We’re told by consumer advertising, news media, social media, marketing strategies that we aren’t pretty or handsome enough, that we’re not smart enough, and ultimately, that were not worth enough. The world around us would love for us to believe that we can’t find […]

There’s no stopping time… Or a toddler.

One day, you’re making fun of the 30 and 40 somethings that throw out “back in my day” nostalgia as you laughingly roll your eyes. The seemingly next day, your realize how badly you can be injured by simply sleeping wrong and you find yourself asking “who the hell is Cardi B and what are┬áBalenciagas”. […]

Embrace the Suck, Mom and Dad.

There’s a popular phrase in the Marine Corps. “Embrace the Suck”. Infantry “grunts” choose to live a spartan, rugged lifestyle in order to become acquainted with discomfort. When the rubber meets the road the Marines are so accustomed with suffering that they thrive in the face of adversity. Paulo Coelho, author of the famed “The […]

Who’s really in charge here?

Its 2am. I’ve shuffle walked across the house. Just before I shoulder checked the bedroom doorframe, I realized that I like to do this thing where I stay up way too late at night and completely hate myself for it in the morning. Alli’s room has a distinct smell. “That” distinct smell. She’s upset. I […]